Introducing Harri Live

The most powerful mobile application on the market granting frontline managers the ability to access live sales and labor data, full scheduling management, employee requests, communications, live compliance alerts and team data in one place, on the go.

Real Time Sales & Labor Performance Analytics

Stay connected with employees via direct and group messaging capabilities. Target communications by position, group, and location for optimal employee engagement.

Employee Request Management

View and manage employee availability, time off, holiday, and shift trade requests. Approve, add, or reject requests and view historical request logs by employee.

Team Communications

Publish schedules, share contact information and details, and add shifts on the go.  Resolve violations such as overlapping or unassigned shifts, overtime violations, and availability conflicts.

Scheduling Management

Drive optimal revenue actions with access to actual and forecasted sales, real-time sales and labor costs, and aggregate week-to-date views.

Cross-Location Employee Data

Have the ability to view employee data across multiple locations such as hiring details, contact information, working locations, wages, and positions held.

Seeing is Believing

A revolutionary approach to building and managing teams for the needs of hospitality.

Judge Us by the Company We Keep

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